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Kurawa Agri Nusa, founded on November 18, 2022, in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, specializes in processing Moringa Oleifera into various high-nutrition products, including solutions aimed at preventing stunting in East Nusa Tenggara, while also establishing and supporting over 30 local moringa production centers for community empowerment. In addition, the company produces sustainable fashion from the work of traditional weavers.

I have never doubted the quality of moringa products produced by CV. Kurawa Agri Nusa. They all have exceptional quality, validated by all the certifications they hold, including HACCP and ISO22000:2018.

Brandon Chow President Director Of Borneo Balan Herbs

We share the same fighting spirit and goal to develop the diversification of moringa products with CV. Kurawa Agri Nusa, so that these moringa products can be accepted by all segments or levels of society. The products they produce have their own unique advantages.

Hoo Eek Kee President Director OF PT. Global Food Internatioanal

We have been collaborating for more than a year on the moringa carbon offset project, where we will map moringa lands in East Nusa Tenggara to register them in the carbon credit market. CV. Kurawa Agri Nusa and Cor-an Holdings Inc. are highly committed to this project.

Mammiko Inhata Presindet Director of Cor-an Holdings Inc.


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